'Vampire' discovered in Turkey bloodthirsty!

This is probably one of the strangest cases of health care in the world. Doctors in Turkey claimed that he had found the vampires in the real world. The figure of the vampire is known to have a split personality and a thirst for blood.

The man whose name and place of origin is not disclosed started cutting his own hand to keep the blood out. After that, he collected the blood in a glass and drink it. The desire to drink blood is becoming increasingly worse until he felt blood drinking as important as breathing. This man began to look for other sources of blood.

This man has been repeatedly arrested for stabbing and biting people to gather and drink their blood. He even asked her father to buy several bags of blood from the blood bank.

According to doctors, this disorder caused the dramatic events that made this guy trauma. Old daughter ill and died four months. He witnessed the murder of his uncle, and he also witnessed the brutal murder when one of his friends cut the victim's head and penis.

This man repeatedly caught talking to himself. He also admitted to being abused by an imaginary friend if he did not do such evil deeds. He also suffered memory loss at certain times.

"The loss of memory can be caused by a split personality, when he turned into his other self," said the researchers, as reported by CBS News (11/02).

After treatment for six weeks, the tendency of man is to drink the blood begins to diminish. Yet double personality is still visible symptoms. It is still not known what illness suffered by this man due to his love of drinking blood.

The human body can not adapt to the drinking of blood. If too much to drink blood, it could be this man will experience an overdose of iron (haemochromatosis) or contracting a disease of the blood they drink.

Source : merdeka.com

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