Jesus is said to have married

The discovery of ancient papyrus pieces recently reveals excitement. Papyrus contains statements that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were husband and wife.

Fill the measuring 8x4 centimeters papyrus was of course contrary to the belief all Christians, that Jesus was single all his life, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Wednesday (19/9).

Professor Karen King of Harvard University, U.S., are investigating the authenticity of the codex. He showed it in front of the historic papyrus international conference on Coptic participants in the capital city of Rome, Italy. "It shows the life of Jesus as a marriage made ​​artificial reality of God. This could change the value of true spirituality," he said.

Jesus' alleged marriage was based on a phrase in the papyrus. Jesus called 'wife' when talking to his students. The word refers to Mary Magdalene.

In a sentence, Jesus defended Mary Magdalene of some criticism. Jesus said it would make Mary as his disciple. Following two lines, Jesus shared with his disciples he would live with Mary Magdalene.

If it proves Jesus married Mary Magdalene, is going to hit the belief of the Christians who accuse maria Magdalena prostitute.

Professors King speculates that the papyrus manuscript of the Gospel of Jesus's wife. Gospel was then not included in the arrangement because the idea of Christian gospel contrary to popular belief the Christians.

Ancient papyrus manuscript calls Jesus married Mary Magdalene had been made ​​author Dan Brown for making controversial book called The Da Vinci Code.


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