Things are prohibited when the Lunar Lunar New Year celebration is one form that is supposed to run with a merry heart. In the tradition of the Chinese Community Sector, there are some things that should not be done at Lunar.
Not without reason, according to tradition, the things prohibited believed could eventually bring some negative things throughout the year. Want to know what? These are them.
1. Forbidden to clean houseSweeping or cleaning the house is believed to result in tersapunya luck in the coming year. Not just for the sweeping ban, the tradition says that you should all household devices, such as brooms, brushes, etc. should also be hidden.
2. Avoid the use of sharp objects, especially knives and scissors. The use of both these tools can avoid the day of Lunar considered good luck. Since the trust can deduct fortune and happiness.
3. Instead, wash or wash your hair the day before the Lunar New Year arrives. Because, wash hair as Lunar meaning dislodge any luck until the next year.
4. To get a doubled fortune, try to pay off all debts before Chinese New Year.
5. Avoid also to lend money on it. If not, it is likely you will continue to lend money to others throughout the year.
5. Instead, do not cry on the day of the Lunar New Year, because this is believed to have a negative impact and cause bad luck throughout the year.
6. It is forbidden to tell you about grief and death because it is considered bad and unlucky meaningful.
7. In the matter of food, avoid to present the slurry during the Lunar New Year. According to belief, the slurry is a symbol of poverty. to be much better, serve cake basket, citrus, milk fish until Siu Mi.
8. It is forbidden to sit in the bedroom, or meet anyone in the bedroom on the day of the lunar new year. it is considered a form of misfortune. Therefore, all people, including infants and the elderly who are sick though, dressed up and sitting in the living room on the day of the Lunar New Year.
9. Avoid talk about ghosts. This is because the ghost story has a relationship with death.
10. Do not throw harsh words, because it is believed life reflects the coming year.
11. Avoid breaking things, because they solve a given blessings throughout the year. (Various sources / Nana Febrina / Eno)

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