Galaxies Hubble Capture Starred Attraction

CALIFORNIA - An object space which is a spiral galaxy ESO 121-6, has been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope belongs to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This spiral galaxy located in the constellation or constellations southern, Pictor.

Reported Spacedaily, Monday (11/02/2013), the object of this spiral galaxy reveals almost every part of the complex structure. Scientists can determine the length of the galaxy, including knowing the intensity of light from the central bulge and the local young star.

The objects enshrined telescope, scientists can analyze and find the tendrils or shoots of dark dust that is on the edge. This dark dust partially covering bright galactic center and out towards the star on the end.

A number of stars and galaxies can be seen just tiny smudges in the sky around it. In addition, the stars are sparkling bright protruding into the bottom left of the picture.

Galaxy ESO 121-6 is said to be uneven, has "arms" loose and relatively weak central bulge. This is a group of galaxies, which is not more than 50 similar structures that are bound to each other by gravity.

Milky Way or the Milky Way is also a member of a group of galaxies known as the Local Group (Local Group). The images captured by the Hubble telescope orbits at an altitude of 354 miles (569 kilometers)

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