BLU Amour phone comes with crystal home button, gender stereotypes

BLU Amour phone comes with crystal home button, unfortunate stereotypes

BLU Products: we like your value-packing smartphones, but we have to talk. Your just-shipped Amour is leaning a little too heavily on female stereotypes with its Swarovski zirconia home button, quilted back and luxury-themed take on Android 4.0. We'd rather you focus on the quite respectable budget phone inside. For $159, customers are getting a real bargain: there's a 4-inch WVGA screen, a dual-core MediaTek chip, dual SIMs with unlocked 3G, a 5MP rear camera and a front VGA shooter. That kind of bang for the buck can appeal to frugal buyers of all kinds, not just those replacing an HTC Rhyme.

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