TiVo, Motorola / Google settle DVR patent lawsuit

TiVo's patent lawsuit against Motorola (formerly owned by Google, then sold to set-top box maker Arris) had been scheduled to start June 10th, but now it's reported the parties have reached a settlement. There are no details available and representatives for the companies involved had no comment at this time. TiVo has successfully leveraged its "Time Warp" patent, along with others, to negotiate settlements with the likes of AT&T, Dish Network and Verizon. For Arris, protection guaranteeing it would only be responsible for up to $50 million in the case of a loss to TiVo -- which some analysts suggested could result in a payout of close to $1 billion -- came as part of its deal to acquire Motorola. The lawyers will remain busy however, as TiVo still has litigation pending against Time Warner Cable and Cisco.

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Source: Bloomberg, Variety, Multichannel News


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