Surging Ice - The New Spring Thaw (NEW ZetaTalk)


With increasingly erratic temperature swings occurring in accordance with the Zetas' predictions, combined with unpredictably forceful winds from a worsening Earth wobble, rapidly thawing winter ice has precipitated unprecedented destruction along lakes and inland rivers in the northern latitudes.  From Alaska to Minnesota, walls of ice have surged across shorelines engulfing homes and leaving astonished onlookers in their wake.

The ice flows piling up on shorelines in N America are certainly caused in the main by the more violent Earth wobble. This, combined with repeated thawing and freezing which has been as result of the incipient blending of the seasons. Hard frozen lake ice does not move under the wind, but when thin due to the Spring thaw is more mobile. Ice flows that would ordinarily be thick, and thus bump into one another but remain in place, are thawed to a thinness that allows them to fracture as they are thrust against one another, thus in a state that can be carried by waves readily. Is this likely to get worse as the 8 of 10 blending of the seasons progresses? It is likely to be a temporary feature, as when the blending is firmly in place, no significant ice will form on these lakes in the first place!

May 1, 2013

Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency captured stunning footage of a 9-ft wall of ice ploughing for miles across the frozen Codette Reservoir near Nipawin, Saskatchewan.


May 6, 2013

Surging ice damaged dozens of homes along the shores of Alberta Beach on Lac Sainte Anne, Alberta.


May 10, 2013

Powerfully wind-driven ice bank demolished dozens of homes on the shores of Manitoba’s Dauphin Lake. 


May 11, 2013

Ice heaves, some 30 feet high, covered 10 miles of shoreline on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota, pushing into homes.


May 17, 2013

Boulders of ice pounded villages along Alaska's Yukon River, destroying outbuildings and knocking homes off their foundations, though not as severe as the rapid thaw in 2009 that buried the region in blocks of river ice.


ZetaTalk: Blending of the Seasons

"The blending of the seasons will be a phenomena that will occur during the 8 of 10 scenarios, in the time prior to the last weeks. Due to the Earth wobble, there are many phenomena in many parts of the globe which could be described as unseasonable weather. Snow in summer has occurred and is on the increase. Very warm days in the middle of winter, more than the typical winter thaw, so that fruit trees bud in winter, ruining the harvest when frost returns. But the blending of the seasons will be characterized by extreme change happening rapidly, one direction to another. What you have had up until the present is trends for more extreme weather. Imagine going from the heat of the hottest summer day to the cold of the coldest winter day, all within a day or so. That is a blending of the seasons."

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