ConnectED program could deliver 100Mbps broadband to 99 percent of US students

ConnectED program aims for 100Mbps broadband in 99 percent of US schools

Many attempts to supply broadband to US students, on- and off-campus, have been imperfect at best: they either leave gaps in coverage or carry woefully inadequate bandwidth. The White House is aiming for much, much better service through its ConnectED initiative. The proposed five-year program would rework the FCC's E-Rate subsidies to offer at least 100Mbps broadband (and ideally 1Gbps) to 99 percent of American students. Schools could also use their funding to set up WiFi, although they would have to pay for any computing power themselves. ConnectED would add about 40 cents a month to phone bills, but it could put most schools on an equal plane -- and keep pace with increasingly faster connections at home.

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Via: White House Blog

Source: White House (PDF), FCC


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