Twitter for iOS and Android updated with tweet preview, easier photo sharing

Twitter for iOS updated with tweet preview and expanded timelines

There doesn't seem to be much broken that needs fixing on Twitter for iOS or Android, for that matter. Which is why the latest update to hit the App Store and Google Play deals mostly in minor UI tweaks. Now, Twitaholics that bump up the Twitter app on both mobile platforms will enjoy a cleaner compose look that lets users preview outgoing tweets (including full sized photos), tag locations and quickly share photos from their gallery. On the iOS end, notifications have been added for when your friends newly sign-up for the service, as well as an expanded timeline view that does away with borders. While Android users now have access to more detailed information from the notification tray. Naturally, there are the requisite, unspecified bug fixes bundled into the software bump, but that bit's unglamorous and (thankfully) left devoid of detail. That's right, it's nothing to get hot and bothered over folks -- just a minor facelift to further enable your oversharing.

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