The Sunda Plate during the 7 of 10 plate movements- 80 villages of Cox’s Bazar inundated by sea water


No 6 of Cox's Bazar sadar upazila remains under sea since Mahasen hit the coast on May 16 

Almost 80,000 people marooned

May 26, 2013


At least 80,000 people were marooned, as 80 villages were submerged in sea water due to deep convection over the Bay and full Moon. Coastal upazillas of Kutubdia, Moheshkhali and Teknaf were inundated by tidal surge, as tidal water started to raise since last morning.

According to sources, sea water level increased about two metres than the normal height due to influence of full Moon.

Teknaf upazilla parishad Chairman Shafiq Mia told reporters that 30 villages of his upazilla went under 2-3 feet tidal water since Thursday. Besides, another 30 villages of the Dhalghata union were also flooded by tidal water, the union’s Chairman Ahsan Ullah Bulu claimed, adding that sufferings of the marooned people were increasing day by day.

Meanwhile, 20 villages of Kutubdia were flooded due to broken embankment, alleged the upazilla’s Chairman ATM Nurul Bashar Chowdhury.

According to sources, worst tidal surge affected villages are: Jalia para, Side para, Khankar Dail, Sudar para, Dakkin Jalia para, Nazir para, Moulavi para, Mondal para, Panchhari para, Majer para, Dakkin para and Paschim para of Teknaf upazila.

Moreover, at least 300 dwelling houses, 150 shrimp farms and 400 acres of croplands and salt beds have gone under 2-4 feet tidal water, sources said.

Locals demanded immediate repair of the damaged embankments in Teknaf, Moheshkhali and Kutubdia upazilas.

On the other hand, heavy rainfall was continuing in Cox’s Bazar town, Teknaf, Moheshkhali, Kutubdia, Ramu upazilas and its adjoining areas since Friday mid-night. Cox’s Bazar met office recorded 79mm rainfall on Saturday.

Bangladesh Meteorological Department said in a special bulletin that deep convection is taking place over North Bay and adjoining areas of Bangladesh. Under its influence, squally weather may affect the North Bay, adjoining coastal areas of the country and maritime ports. Maritime ports of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Mongla have been advised to keep hoisted local cautionary signal number three.

All fishing boats and trawlers over the North Bay have been advised to remain close to the coast and proceed with caution till further notice.


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