Personal Experience - How I told a Friend about Planet X


How to tell someone of the reality of Planet X - (when you can't see it yet)

1 - Start with the Wobble
The most concrete evidence IMO at this time.
I found a place for my friend to sit where he could look out a window at a time near sunrise and told him that the
Sun's path will change drastically - up to 20 degrees every other day. I reported I had done this same thing, and was very alarmed at what I saw, and my investigation led me to find...

2 - The Earth Changes
I told my friend that I did some research and found that the number and magnitude of earthquakes is at record levels. I told him Indonesia is sinking. I showed photos of the numerous sinkholes. I asked him if he'd noticed the extreme weather  patterns everywhere. Bridges collapsing. I showed him other examples on the PS Ning.

3 - Biblical passages (optional)
My friend is responsive to Biblical passages, so I asked if he had heard of Wormwood, the rivers flowing red, the locust swarms. -"Yes, of course." I asserted that the Bible is a History book, and history is repeating itself with Divine purpose.

At this point I was met with:
"Just what are you trying to tell me?

4. At this point I was ready with The Truth:
"A large planet, 4 times the size of Earth, is returning after a 3657 year orbit, and it's magnetic presence will overpower the Earth, causing a crustal shift that will change the face of the planet, destroying a large percentage of all life."
"It has been photographed many times by people all over the world"  

I showed my friend some of Alberto's photos.

"I know this sounds incredible, but there is a reason, there is hope and there is good news".
"The Pole Shift is survivable, and we can plan now for the aftertime."

Our friend just sat for about 10 minutes, unable to speak, the magnitude of it all setting in.

Then the flood of questions began, his life path re-directed. We then talked for hours about the Transformation, and the "Good News" part of the PS.

The cognitive dissonance factor has to dissolve slowly over time for many. My friend was more accepting than most. 

I have found that letting things sink in, just be silent and if questions are asked, then you have done your job, the seed of awareness planted. If you are still dis-believed, you can end the dialogue with a clear conscience.

I hope my experience can help others.

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