Rhapsody announces new iOS app, redesigned from the ground up

Rhapsody announces new iOS app, redesigned from the ground up

Not to be outdone by some of its music-streaming counterparts, Rhapsody's releasing a revamped version of its iOS app today. Taking on a newly minted look, the service promises this version will make it simpler for subscribers to access and manage their tunes within the application. Rhapsody added features such as a "personalized" organization that, as you'd expect, organizes your jams under the My Music section and splits them into two different categories: Library and Downloads.

Much like on the Android flavor of the app, Rhapsody also updated the Album and Artist pages to display more useful info and tools, including reviews and additional music controls. In theory, these should pair nicely with the all-new fullscreen player and a pop-up menu that allows you to easily add songs to the download queue. Rhapsody tells us the update will be hitting the iOS devices soon, so keep an eye on the App Store if you'd like to be one of the First! first to test out the goods.

Update: It's live now, and we've added the link below to help you get started with the download.

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