Flickr Pro users are grandfathered in, get to keep unlimited storage for $25 a year

Flickr Pro users are grandfathered for the foreseeable future

While Flickr did seem generous by offering free users 1TB of space as long as users are willing to put up with ads, it also got rid of the much-beloved Flickr Pro option that awarded unlimited storage for only $25 a year. Now the only upgrade options are to cough up $50 annually to go ad-free or $500 a year for 2TB instead of one. Many existing Pro users, thinking they would be forced one way or another, took to social media and Flickr forums to vent their frustrations at the potential loss of that limitless space.

However, Yahoo has confirmed to us that existing Flickr Pro users will continue to enjoy unlimited storage as long as they pay $25 a year to renew their subscription. In addition, we have word that there are no plans for Pro renewals to go away. There's also a FAQ posted on Flickr that clarifies the issue, stating "recurring Pro users currently have the ability to renew." That said, if you do let your subscription expire, your account will automatically be downgraded to the free version, so Pro users would do best to keep on the renewal ball if they want their precious memories to stay on the service.

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