fossil screw in Russia

Screw located in Russia with more than 300 million years
The piece was found embedded in the surface of a rock and is a screw an inch long, found during an expedition held on October 7, 1996 to try to search for fragments of a celestial body whose fall reported in the Kaluga region, in western Russia, starring Kosmopoisk group, a scientific organization in charge of UFO investigations, cryptozoology and other sciences of that scare orthodox scientists. The stone was analyzed by paleontologists determined conclusively that her age: between 300 and 320 million years. According to an article in the magazine Ogonek the rock was examined with X-rays, and the researchers' surprise, they found that had embedded within it at least one more screw. Studies also ruled out the possibility that it is a trunk fossil Crinoidea, because their size is larger than the specimens of these marine animals, which are embedded in the water bed by means of a stem having Similar to a bolt, but its thread is technically different and easy to distinguish from a mechanical device, as will be apareciar in the picture below. The origin of this oopart is as puzzling as inexplicable to those who deny the possibility that our current cycle called "technology" is but one of many that have occurred in the past (and in many cases evolved with the best scientific judgment ours, and using energy more compelling, clean and simple), regardless of speculation of whether any of them was driven civilizations more advanced cycles from unknown sources

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