PlayStation Vita's firmware update 2.10 adding folders, enhanced video playback

PlayStation Vita's firmware update 210 adding folders, enhanced video playback

Tired of all those messy icons cluttering up your PlayStation Vita's home screen? Sony's providing a solution in its next update, firmware version 2.10, which enables folders of up to 10 items to be organized on the screen. That means you could potentially take those 100 max applications allowed and stuff them all into folders on the home screen, effectively condensing your various home screens from 10 to one. The rest of the update isn't so thrilling -- namely, being able to identify which memory card you've got in the device, some email app enhancements, and video support which "allows you to play video within the browser." There're a few more minor tweaks, which we've included in the list past the jump -- a complete list of updates in gritty detail will show up here when the update goes live at some point "later this evening."

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