This Antarctic Research Base Actually Looks Pretty Cozy

Estação Antártica Comandante Ferraz Triptyque Arquitetura
Nice place, bad neighborhood

Brazil's Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station, a permanent research base operated by the country's Navy, was destroyed by a fire in February 2012. Architectural firm Triptyque Arquitetura entered this design as a potential replacement, and although it took second place, it still looks amazing.

It's a modular building, with with a core space branching out to different pods organized by their functions. It's all supported on stilts, for minimal environmental impact. According to the firm:

At ground level, seeking minimal impact to let the water from defrost pass and let the wind flow to prevent the accumulation of snow, is proposed [sic] to support the station on stilts. Its elevation allows the use of a logistic system of lifting and displacement, simple and efficient, composed by a crane. The structure of the base, used in this way, free the land from any mechanical interference, and determines ways to protect pedestrians or machines.

Great. But can it ski?

[Arch Daily]


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