Panasonic prices and ships its first media streamers, newest Blu-ray Disc players

Panasonic prices and ships its first media streamers, newest Bluray Disc players

Don't look now, but Panasonic has just gone public with pricing and availability information for its inaugural line of streaming media players. Announced a few months back at CES, the 3D-capable DMP-MS10 is shipping today for $79.99, offering up VIERA Connect (for easy integration with older Panny HDTVs), inbuilt WiFi, external HDD playback and access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Vudu and YouTube. An extra $20 gets you the DMP-MST60, which is also shipping today while adding 2D-to-3D conversion and Miracast functionality.

Over on the BD side, the DMP-BD79 is moving out now for $79.99, while the BD89 is going for $10 more; these two are 2D-only models, with the latter being equipped with WiFi out of the box. For those still (somehow) enamored with the third dimension, the DMP-BBT01 ($269.99), BDT500 ($349.99), BDT330 ($199.99) and BDT230 ($129.999) are also hitting store shelves within the next few moments. The full releases are just past the break -- you know, if you're into such things.

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