Indonesia: Cracked soil Threatens 18 District


Mar 9, 2013

SOREANG (GM) - Regency Bandung, including cartilage cracking of land spread over 18 districts or more than half of the districts. Bandung regency is divided into 31 districts with vast territory reaching 176,238.67 hectares.

"He knew the potential results of the present study soil cracks Meteorology Climatology and geophysics (BMKG). Fracture strength of the land is different, from a scale of mild, moderate, heavy up," said the Head of the District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Regency Bandung, Marlan in Soreang , Friday (8/3).

Mention, districts were prone to cracking of land among others Pacet, Arjasari, Pangalengan, Cicalengka, Nagreg, Cimenyan, Cilengkrang, Kutawaringin, Rancabali, CIWIDEY, and some Soreang. From 18 districts of the cartilage, fractured land already befallen the four districts, namely Rancabali, CIWIDEY, Kertasari, and PASIRJAMBU.

Conditions most non-threatening ground cracks thousand residents of the four districts. Most severe cracking occurred in farming Cibitu, Kampung Pondok Flat, RT 01 and RT 09 Country Sukaresmi 02/RW, occupied Rancabali District 212 and Village Cisabuk soul, Mulya Valley, and Giri sleepy, Country Cipelah, districts occupied Rancabali 720 souls.

"People who live in shanty Flat is employee Gardening PTPN VIII. Parties have prepared farm land area of ??4 hectares relocation, but the question they ask Bandung regency of her house. Frankly, we are difficult to develop, but the farm land hibah to Bandung regency. When the process was beaten, we stayed home to apply for support development of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), "he explained.

Most severe cracks befall Cipelah Country, District Rancabali. Dozens of homes and buildings SDN Poor semipermanen Mulya already beginning to have cracks, and some home theater looks lopsided. Yet the country roads, some ambles.

One of the buildings was damaged severely enough Mulya Poor SDN. But the school Freshly renovated in 2012. However wall headmasters berdempetan service with classroom experience cracks with crack length of 5 cm to 10 cm. See the condition of the cartilage building collapsed, the housing accommodation was eventually no longer occupied.

Three villages inhabited land movement threatened 220 heads (KK) or 720 210 souls who inhabit the house. Spread on RT 01, RT 02, and RT 03/RW 7, Dusun Two. Continued occurrence of ground movement due to almost every year people should repair the house.



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