The Hidden Beach in the Marieta Islands Near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Protected from the intrusion of the world outside, the hidden beach of Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta is a world of its own. Located just a few miles off the coast of Mexico, close to Bandera bay, Marieta Islands are archipelagos that were formed as a result of volcanic activity. The islands have remained almost secluded ever since. It was only recently that recreational aspect of the place was discovered following development of an extremely exclusive marine ecosystem that makes this place just as unique as thrilling.
The marine environment of hidden beach Marieta Island, Puerta Vallarta has developed over several years, sans any disturbance from humans or outside nature. As a result, the marine life here is intriguing and holds a huge potential for people who love just this kind of sport. Marieta Islands are one of the best sports for snorkeling and scuba diving owing to the virgin nature of the place, along with its diversity.
The water along the hidden beach Marieta Island, Puerto Vallarta is a crystal clear blue mass of pure bliss. Of the marine wildlife available to view in the place, Humpback whale, sea turtles and dolphins are just a few of the most magnificent examples.Travelers can also enjoy a powerboat trip to the hidden beach, Marieta Island, Puerto Vallarta taking in the scenery along the way.
The Hidden Beach
The hidden beach, Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta is an intriguing site in its own accord. The beach remains cut off from rest of the group of islands. And for those who stumble across the place, the surprises held are immense. The beach is considered to possess an abundance of reef fish, with about 103 different species moving around in the clear blue waters of the beach. The whales can also be viewed in their magnificent glory and for some lucky travelers; they may even get to experience the ‘whale- music’- unique sound made by these huge creatures just as they dive deeper into the waters.
Marieta Islands
Following winter rains, Puerto Vallarta weather remains pleasant and inviting. The rains also make the water as clear as available on any beach n the world. Accommodation comes easy and in wide range for all kinds of travelers. While the hidden beach, Marieta Isalnds, Puerto Vallarta is still hidden mostly in literal sense, rest of Puerto, Vallarta is a reasonable commercial place receiving tourists from all over the world in large numbers.
The Hidden Beach in the Marieta Islands
Puerto Vallarta weather remains pleasant, making it even more inviting, if possible.  Horseback riding, zip lining and ATV trekking are some of the other things to do in Puerto Vallarta.
Nearest city: Tepic, Mexico is closest to Puerto Vallarta, making it easily accessible. Other cities like Punta Mita and Zapopan are also fairly close to Puerto Vallarta, making it easy to reach.
How to get there: direct flights are available from almost all major cities to Puerto Vallarta at Gustave Diaz Ordaz International Airport, located just north of Puerto Vallarta. Getting to the hidden beach, Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta is relatively simple considering availability of boats that can be booked in advance or on spot for any number of people.
Best time to visit: Puerto Vallarta weather remains pretty much same throughout the year. However, following winter rains, the water of the beach becomes exceptionally clear, taking marine experience of the place to a whole different level.
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